Such a simple way to shift perspective – from obligation and burden to appreciation and gratitude.

“Got to…” or “Get to…” text over a background picture of a water body
Such a simple and powerful reframe. I heard the inspiring and insightful mindset expert Ben Crowe share this language reframe on a podcast recently.

“I’ve got to go to work.” or “I get to go to work, and earn an income that helps support my family.”
“I’ve got to take the kids to school.” or “I get to take the kids to school.”
“I’ve got to exercise.” or “I get to exercise and look after myself.”

Often an important and powerful aspect of coaching is about challenging and shifting perspective. I love the simplicity and power of changing just one letter, yet changing so much the way we see moments of our life – and therefore how we experience them.

I invite you to play with changing your language – and notice what might be different…

Please do share your thoughts and/or experience

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