What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative endeavour, which facilitates the learning, development and performance of an individual, promoting positive sustainable behavioural change.

The Goal of Coaching

The goal of coaching is to guide vision, urge excellence and unlock the individual’s true potential, through facilitating increasing awareness and accountability and inspiring action that builds to achieve desired outcomes.

Coaching also aims to reduce interference such as fear and doubt and remove barriers to learning.

Practical Elements of Coaching

Coaching involves:

  • Regular communication and meetings (face-to-face or by phone)
  • Re-evaluation of current position
  • Clearly defining personal goals, providing clarification and clear priority
  • An action-oriented focus and structure

What the coach does:

  • Facilitates self-directed learning through powerful questioning
  • Acts as an external observer ensuring the actions of the coachee are congruent with the goals they have defined.
  • Seeks to identify negative habits and beliefs to be remedied
  • Assists coachee to develop personal insight
  • Assists with motivation
  • Stretches and challenges the coachee
  • Views the coachee in terms of their potential, identifying and building on strengths and talents

Coaching provides:

  • A highly strategic structure and solutions-focused methodology for change
  • A model that breaks significant goals and perceived hurdles, into smaller achievable steps
  • Honest feedback
  • A totally non-judgmental and agenda-free environment
  • A safe sounding board
  • Accountability, assisting coaches to convert their intentions into actions