Contributing to humanity through coaching


Workplaces and individuals thriving through the fundamentals of connection, authenticity and accessing potentiality


Coaching is all we do... it is who we are.

          • Transformation:
             We are passionate about human potentiality and creating positive, sustainable change

          • Integrity:
            We are authentic and trustworthy. Integrity is central to all that we do.

          • Client Centric:
            We focus relentlessly on, and are committed to, optimal client experiences  and outcomes through our personal approach and bespoke solutions.

          • Relational:
            Coaching is at the heart of everything we do.
            We relate. We understand. We care.
Specialist provider of all aspects of Coaching related services.

Business Profile

Established in 2001, Coaching Australia is a specialist provider of all aspects of Coaching related services. Our credibility and reputation is evidenced through the approval of our Coach Training offerings by the International Coaching Federation along with our significant strategic partnerships with leading organisations. 

We are proudly associated with China’s pioneering coaching company Mindspan Development, where we provide cutting edge Coach Training Programmes that support Executive and Leadership excellence in this exciting market. Coaching Australia is also grateful for it’s partnership with Swinburne University in Melbourne Australia.

A highly successful and respected coaching and training company, we support professional performance and personal success of individuals and organisations seeking positive sustainable behavioural change. We pride ourselves on our ability to specifically customise Coach Training programmes and Executive Coaching services. 

Our growth has been a result of repeat business and referral, which we believe is a reflection of our company vision of creating and maintaining reliable, committed, and responsive relationships with our diverse and loyal client base. We pride ourselves on being a leading supplier of the highest quality Executive Coaches internationally.

Watch a video overview of Coaching Australia’s service offering, along with testimonials from recent programme participants.