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As an experienced coach, mentor and facilitator, Qi aims to fulfill her life through helping people transform and realize their dreams. She supports her clients to achieve the organizational objectives as well as their personal goals such as leadership breakthrough and work & life synergistically fulfillment.

With 20 year experience major in Human Resources management, psychological background and strong coaching abilities, Qi is highly empowered to support leaders to realize their strategies with customized and co-created Leadership Series, e.g. leading self, leading others and leading in Change.

Holding great respect for people, Qi treats each and every client as a unique, valued, capable person. She believes people want to grow and will change only when they connect to their inner drivers and hold their responsibilities. She is passionate in supporting people with her unique CARING approach: Clarify, Aware, Reframe, I-decide, Now-here and Going-forward.

Qi started her career at 1992 with Glaxo/GSK (China), from Medical Rep to Regional Sales Manager. She entered HR profession with Shell (China) as Learning Consultant, then Baxter (China) as Business Partner and Talent Development Manager. She joined GE in 2004 as Organization Development Manager for Infrastructure Asia and HR Director for Advanced Materials China/Asia. Her last corporate role was HR Director for Grundfos (China).

To pursue her purpose in life, Qi started her freelanced journey since 2012. She associates with some well-known coaching school and firm e.g. International Coach Academy (ICA) and Coach in a Box/BTS. She has provided nearly 2000 hours coaching for clients from MNC to local start-up covering industries as Medical & Pharm, Healthcare, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Foods, e-Commerce, High-tech, Consulting, Media, Banking, Hotel, Infrastructure etc.


Qi is certified as Executive Coach from Coaching Australia/Mindspan, and Professional Coach from ICA, as well as PCC from International Coach Federation (ICF).

Qi holds a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Medical School, Peking Univ.; and a Master’s in Psycho Counseling & Therapy from Peking Univ.- Hong Kong Chinese Univ. jointly.

She is certified practitioners of Transactional Analysis (TA) and Lumina Spark/Leader/Emotion, which equip her strongly to co-create an insightful & transforming coaching experience with her clients.