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Josh Wandl is one of the younger Australians to hold an international coaching credential – holding the Associated Certified Coach credential (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

As a younger professional coach, he is uniquely positioned to work impactfully with emerging leaders and high potentials in the workplace, as well as supporting the youth market to navigate the gammut of challenges and opportunities that present in their complex world. His age bracket, combined with his skillful coaching, brings an increased level of relatability, safety and comfort for his coachees.

He is an innately talented coach who has been immersed in the coaching industry for more than 7 years, and has committed himself to hundreds of hours of formal coach education during this time. He has been an integral member of the Coaching Australia training team since 2018.

Josh has a strength in working with individuals to help provide clarity of thinking, personal insight and conviction to move forward positively, whilst also supporting the creation of new perspectives, habits and beliefs in support of their identifed goals. He works equally well with those who wish to achieve positive outcomes either professionally, personally or both. He creates an extremely supportive environment whilst challenging for growth and evolution at the same time.