Dominique Beck ACC

New South Wales, Australia


Dominique is an executive, team and personal coach, trainer and keynote speaker with an extensive background in academia, research consultancy and training. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach in her coaching and training, based on rigorous, broad study and training.


Dominique has developed and delivered leadership development programs for managers and their teams. Her specialised areas are leadership development, communication skills and strategic goal setting.

Dominique has a highly engaging, personal and interactive approach. One of her strengths is to quickly build rapport with clients. She has an innate capacity to surface issues, facilitated with deep technical skills. Her clients appreciate her ability to break down complex material and make it accessible and meaningful for all. When working with groups, Dominique ensures that every participant is involved, thus maximising the benefit to the group.

Her coaching and training methodology draws on neuroscience-based coaching, crucial conversations, nonviolent communication, psychodrama and energy psychology.

Her vision is to inspire others in a solution-focused approach by showing them how they can improve their thinking for optimised outcomes in their work performance, their interpersonal relationships and their goal achievements.
Dominique is passionate about her work and the contribution she can make as a coach and trainer to individuals, teams and organisations.

Dominique has presented keynote speeches to audiences on various topics. She also writes regular columns for the general public on neuroscience, goal achievement and personal development.


  • Currently studying: Postgraduate Certificate in the Neuroscience of Leadership
  • Accredited NeuroLeadership Group coach (Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, Coaches Toolkit, Build Your Practice, Intensive Coach Training)
  • Accredited Crucial Conversations trainer
  • Trained in Psychodrama (with Dr Carlos Raimundo)
  • Trained in Nonviolent Communication (with Dr Marshall Rosenberg)
  • Certified Energy Psychology practitioner
  • PhD (Interdisciplinary PhD: Management theory, sociology, sociolinguistics)
  • Masters (Lic. Phil. Hist.)