Foundations of Coaching Programme

Coaching Australia, internationally acknowledged as a leader in the Coach Training industry, has provided coach training to leaders and external Coaches across 3 continents and more than 14 countries with an alumni of approximately2,000 individuals.

Their “Foundations of Coaching” programme provides a cutting-edge, International Coaching Federation (ICF) aligned Coach training programme suitable for:

  • Leaders in organisations seeking to gain a deeper understanding of coaching and increasing the effectiveness of their coaching interactions
  • External coaches who are interested in gaining added rigour, structure and credibility to their coaching practice
  • Individuals who are interested in gaining foundational coaching skills to apply in their professional context

A highly interactive, experiential and practical programme, the learnings from the programme can be immediately implemented.

The programme also provides a forum for self-reflection and supports in the integration of the programme learning in your own context.

Programme Objectives

Programme will deliver the skills, knowledge and tools to:

  • Define coaching according to international definitions and competencies
  • Gain clarity on the difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Identify “coachable moments”
  • Provide a structure for robust and effective coaching conversations
  • Self-reflect as to current effectiveness of coaching interactions
  • Coach powerfully for achievement of agreed outcomes
  • Understand where and how coaching can be most effectively applied in your own context
  • Form a foundation for interactions that generate empowerment, independence and accountability
  • Facilitate growth and development
  • Increase buy-in, engagement and motivation of coachees
  • Improve levels of self-awareness and personal responsibility
  • Leverage more fully the potential of individuals

Programme Overview

Programme to be delivered over 2 month period with a combination of Face-to-face delivery, conference calls, and experiential coaching work.

The combination of these elements provides a format that allows for:

  • Embedding of programme learning
  • Ongoing support as you practiceskills in your own context

Programme Format:

Overview – Initial 2 Days Face-to-Face

  • Defining Coaching
    • Supports participants to clearly understand Coaching and differentiate from other leadership styles and modalities e.g. Mentoring, Counselling, Directive leadership etc
  • How Neuroscience supports the Principles of Coaching
    • Understanding the science behind how the brain works in terms of creating sustainable behavioural change, creative thinking, motivation and increased productivity and efficiency, and how coaching supports these outcomes.

Foundations of Coaching

Introduction to the underpinning foundations of coaching.

  • Self-Discovery
  • Belief In Potential
  • Positive Feedback
  • Coachee Driven
  • Accountability
  • Challenge
  • Solutions Focussed
  • Trust and Rapport
  • Curiosity

Examines the impact and benefit of coaching, including a highly self-reflective process, inclusive of habits and beliefs.Includes creation of a personal development plan.

Coaching Communication Skills

Building upon the Foundations of Coaching, core coaching skills are introduced:

  • Speak with Impact
  • Hear Deeply
  • Reflecting, Bottom-Lining, Intuiting
  • Permission
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Impactful Feedback
  • Acknowledgment

Live Coaching – Demonstrations and Participant Practice

  • Demonstration by experienced executive coach
  • Participants coaching exercises enabling the participants to experience both the role as the coach and the impact for the coachee

PACT Model

  • Simple model that ensures the managers are adhering to coaching methodology and principles

“Coachable Moments”

  • Assists participants to recognise the myriad of “Coachable Moments” in their day to day roles and implement coaching immediately into the workplace.
  • Includes identifying the triggers for coachable moments

Programme Fees

Please contact us directly for discounts for multiple participants from your organisation
Fee per participant: AUD $2399 + GST


for Foundations of Coaching Programme
  • The coaching program has given my team a common language of management along with simple tools to use on a daily basis whilst also building an environment of trust that has truly helped them move to the next level and bond as a team

    Bill Lisle
    Chief Executive Officer, AIA - Malaysia
  • Excellent! This is very useful in my daily business life. Im committed in using coaching skills in every possible coachable moment and I would highly recommend senior business leaders to take this coaching training. This is the most dedicated and concentrated I have ever been in a programme!

    Davis Tsai
    Managing Director, Microsoft, Taiwan
  • I was not sure if I would be able to apply coaching skills, rather than have the interest to learn what a coach is. However, by the time I walked out from the programme I am looking for any coachable moment to apply. It has renewed my spirit.

    Elaine Bai
    Talent Management Director I IBM, China
  • Our bank has worked with Coaching Australia for over a year, and Lisa has helped build coaching mindsets and capability within a number of our senior HR leaders across the Asia Pacific region. The impact our association has had is clear, and validated through examples of senior HR business partners consciously choosing a coaching conversational style in crucial conversations with the business. The programme itself has been a thorough joy for me. Thanks for all your hard work to get us here!

    Gyan Nagpal
    Regional Head of Learning & Development - Asia Pacific ,Human Resources , Deutsche Bank AG Singapore