Coaching in Education- why it’s more important than ever…

Bullying shifted, parent/teacher interactions enhanced, staff retained and students growing in independent thinking and accountability, were just some of the outcomes shared throughout our bespoke “Coaching for Impact and Growth in Education” programme.

A highlight progamme of 2021, Coaching Australia were so fortunate to partner with Hunter Sports High and Wiripaang Primary School, in their initial stages of developing a coaching culture. The vision included “to build momentum for change, to transform the educational landscape to create greater agility and adaptability in the face of a constantly changing world.”

Hearing the stories of how the executive teams of the schools applied their coaching skills with great success in so many aspects within the school context was inspiring.

There were goose bumps as we heard the story of how, following coaching conversations, a bully had turned around to become a supporter of the student they had been bullying. The different experience not just for the victim in this case – but also for the bully, has the potential for different trajectories for both of their futures.

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Another story related to retaining a staff member. A teacher who was about to step away from her new role, with coaching from her Head Teacher, shifted her perspective completely and was instead feeling motivated and confident to get underway. A great result in a critical sector that is hemorrhaging staff.

Reports were also made of more positive and productive parent/teacher conversations as a result of employing coaching skills, as well as supporting each other as colleagues in a more meaningful and connected way.

It was also shared how a coaching approach was being utlised in the classroom – supporting students to think more deeply for themselves, gaining clarity, motivation and increased accountability.

Fantastic also to hear the belief that developing coaching skills in students themselves was seen as a possible important next step. We couldn’t agree more, believing passionately that the tools individuals have to communicate, understand themselves and others, connect with compassion and empathy will surely benefit all involved.

Even better to be armed with these as early in life as possible…

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Massive appreciation to the very inspiring, and trail-blazing, Hunter principal Rachel Byrne who is driving this initiative. Likewise, deep appreciation to Wirripang Principal Julie Low whose commitment to coaching and development of her faculty was unwavering.

Pleasingly 100% of the coaching development goals identified by the schools prior to commencement saw a positive shift across the programme.

“This is the most powerful and relevant professional learning that I have participated in and have seen firsthand the impact that the skills of coaching has bought to my school community. Coaching conversations are now highly visible across the school and are evident in executive team and faculty discussions, teacher development conversations and learning opportunities with students in classes. I highly recommend this training to not only school executive members but for any teacher who wants to develop skills to facilitate the learning and potential in others.”

Rachel Byrne – Principal, Hunter Sports High

“Bringing Coaching Australia and a coaching culture into my school through my executive team is and has been invaluable. All executive staff including myself engaged, reflected and challenged ourselves and each other over a 6 month period to improve ourselves bother personally and professionally in a supportive and safe environment. We were encouraged to take risks and be vulnerable, to grow as individuals and as a collective group to implement coaching culture in all facets of our primary school setting. This professional learning created impact and shift with my staff and we now have the coaching skills to support our improvement journey.”

Julie Low, Principal, Wiripaang Primary School

Lisa Wandl is the CEO and Founder of Coaching Australia and Coach Global, and specialises in consulting to, and partnering with, organisations committed to building Coaching Cultures. She has personally designed and delivered Coaching Culture projects in more than 15 countries over the last 18 years, including a decade of partnership in China. Her programmes have been delivered to leaders from a diverse range of organisations including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Coca-Cola, Australian Federal Police, PwC, Deloitte, Ford, HCF, Huawei, IBM, Roche, Starbucks, Forestry Corporation of NSW, Manly Rugby League, Ernst & Young, JP Morgan, Disney and Pepsi.

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