Coaching Services Overview

The goal of coaching is the goal of good management - to make the most of an organisation's valuable resources. - Harvard Business Review

Coaching is now recognised as the critical platform for successful organisational change and learning initiatives.

Today’s knowledge-driven economy makes it unrealistic for organisations to impart the necessary data through directive channels e.g. instructing, training and consulting, at the required rate to combat the constantly and rapidly changing business environment. Coaching provides a structure and instills accountability in the individual to seek their own answers to personal peak performance, increasing the individual’s ability and focus to self-manage.

The trend towards the de-layering of organisations, by reducing the number of management levels, and importance of cross-functional teams, increases the reliance of optimum performance and accountability of each individual. Successful businesses are those that encourage people to be accountable to learning new skills and habits from each other, have strong communication skills and have an environment which supports the cross-pollination of ideas.

Coaching Australia deliver programmes and services specifically designed to create a positive learning culture.

Coaching Services

provided by Coaching Australia to the workplace

Executive Coaching

Professional coaching with a focus on developing leadership skills. Learn the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity and build top performing teams.

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Performance Coaching

Personal and team coaching to help managers improve the productivity of their team. Learn to develop and improve your employee’s capability to perform.

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