Youth Coaching

Empowering youth to thrive

Youth coaching is aligned to the highly successful evidenced-based practices of Executive and Life coaching. It provides the coachee with a forum for impartial, trusted and confidential support that partners with them to positively navigate their current situation towards a preferred state.

In a busy and complex world, coaching is solutions-focussed – helping people to slow down, think more deeply, and clarify their best course of thinking, behaviour and actions for themselves. Unlike mentoring or teaching, coaching doesn’t involve being given direct answers. Coaching interactions are focussed purely on the facilitation of the coachee – their thoughts, their realities, their goals and their potential. It allows the individual to reflect on what thinking, behaviours and habits are serving them, and which they would benefit from shifting.

The youth of today are facing unprecedented challenges. An increasingly uncertain planet, the inherent pressures of an overly-connected world through social media, as well as the long-held struggles of navigating early adulthood.

Coaching focuses on supporting mental wellbeing and helping the coachee to identify what is important – encouraging personal development as well providing a positive approach to move through current stresses, anxieties and overwhelm towards calm, clarity and confidence.


      Benefits include:

    • Identifying Purpose
    • New Perspectives
    • Structure
    • Defined goals
    • Increased Motivation
    • Calmness and Clarity
    • Accomplishment
    • Understanding of self and others
    • Direction
    • Personal awareness and insights
    • Taking the load off


Recent case studies have shown the power that coaching can have.

  • A 22-year-old female taking on the world and more gained clarity over what was truly important to her and prioritised her life, work and studies accordingly. She currently feels much calmer than before, less stressed and in control of her large load.
  • A 17 year old struggling with confidence and overwhelmed during her lead-in to HSC found increased calm and perspective, helping her navigate this challenging time
  • A 21-year-old male gained the clarity and motivation he needed to pursue the right career for him. His work is steadily advancing and he is now excited about what lay ahead.
  • A 16 year old girl, struggling with family issues, was able to get clarity about what was truly important, what she wanted in that family dynamic, and how she could contribute more positively to it.

Youth coaching can be an appealing option for those looking for support, direction and purpose.

We offer a range of suitable contact methods .



  • Goal Setting Session
  • Coaching Programme
  • One-Off Coaching


Goal Setting Session

Goal setting sessions are a powerful start to any format of coaching. They are a 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2-hour session, focussed on bringing clarity over the goal, what you want in the future and setting the first actions to helping you achieve this goal. This can be a stand-alone session or act as the first, and anchoring session, for a longer coaching programme.


Coaching Programme:

A coaching programme supports longer term goal-achievement and supports the creation of positive sustainable behavioural change. The programme includes a goal setting process, and focuses thereafter on momentum towards that goal.

Typically a programme runs over 9-12 months, allowing time for the awareness of thinking. behaviours and habits that may not currently serve the individual, and the time and space to establish, new, more beneficial ways of being in relation to their identified goals. Accountability to goals and self are generated across this period – which has a very unique forum to focus on yourself in a positive way/

Sessions are 1.5 hours each and usually spaced 2-4 weeks apart to ensure momentum, and time for all- important reflection. This offer tends to have a greater longer-term effect as it is aided by setting long-term habits, accountability and constant focus on you.


One-Off Coaching

One-off coaching is a single session very similar to a goal setting session, where we focus on your goal and setting up some actions to help in the short-term period. This is more beneficial to those who don’t seek a long-term change but are looking for direction or clarity over something in the more immediate future.


How We Connect:

Ensuring privacy and flexibility and comfort, we can connect however you prefer. It’s all about meeting the needs of the coachee, including  Facetime, Messenger, Skype or Discord.


Fee Structures:

Goal setting session: $220 + GST

One-off session:   $220 + GST


Coaching Programme:

  • 9 Session Programme (6-9 months) $1890 +GST
  • 12 Session Programme (9-12 months) $2400 +GST

For more information about our Youth Coaching programmes please contact us.