In-house Programmes

Develop enhanced Coaching capability in your Leaders

Coaching Australia is a provider of premium in-house Coach Training Programmes that support significant leadership development through increasing coaching capability and provide a powerful addition to  Leadership toolkits.

We have partnered with leading organisations globally including Deutsche Bank (APAC), Bacardi (Global), AIA (APAC), HCF, Forestry Corporation, Interpro and The Sands Macau, providing in-house programmes to provide their leaders with the knowledge and skills to fully leverage the most critical asset of the organisation- it’s people. Coaching is proven to increase engagement, retention and performance.

Billions of dollars are invested by organisations internationally in the sourcing of external Coaching services and increasingly it is seen as critical that their own leaders have advanced coaching capability.

We have the capacity and experience to support the coaching needs of your organisation – whether it be to provide base level training to a small group of your leaders or to support you in an extensive cultural change project where engagement, empowerment, performance, retention and accountability are critical components of the organisational vision.

“58% of senior and mid-level managers have worked for managers with poor coaching skills. 86% of these reported that they wanted to e worked for managers with poor coaching skills. 86% of these reported that they wanted to leave as a result” – McKinsey War For Talent Survey

“The Business demand for coaching is nearly doubling each year.. Out of the $80 billion being currently spent on corporate education, FLI Research estimates that $2 billion is spent on executive coaching at senior executive levels in Fortune 500 companies.”

Our Programmes

Our programmes are aligned to, and approved by, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ensuring consistency with global standards and assurance of excellence. We can arrange to have your customised programme specifically approved and acknowledged by the ICF.

Our Coach Training Programmes are designed by Lisa Wandl, CEO and Founder, PCC (Professionally Certified Coach) and a leading Coach Trainer on the international stage, who provides a seamless partnership across the entire project.

Expect a coaching approach from us throughout our partnership. We will work closely with your organisation to support you to clarify your goals and desired outcomes, to understand your current reality, to listen deeply throughout the process to uncover what is truly important to you, and work closely with you to create a bespoke project that results in positive sustainable change – all of which is at the heart of coaching. We believe that the sustainability aspect links closely to the integrity of what we do. Our wish is to make a positive difference within organisations, and to the people within those organisations, for the longer term. 100% of participants surveyed have said they would recommend their programme to their colleagues.

Lisa Wandl has developed programmes which have delivered across a myriad of countries, cultures, industries and levels within organisations. She works closely with you across the entirety of the project to ensure a seamless experience for our clients, and is well supported by our exceptional team of international coach trainers to enable delivery at scale..

Please check out our Testimonials Video to gain further insight into what you can expect from partnering with us.

Our Training Team

We provide excellence in coach training to our high level and diverse client base globally via our international team of trainers who are all active, successful coaches and thus train from a base of experience rather than just theory. Our team boast numerous international credentials and years of experience.

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Benefits of a Coaching Leadership style and Organisational culture

  • Positive sustainable change
  • Supports retention of high performing talent
  • Optimises Potential
  • Promotes a harmonious culture
  • Elicits creativity and innovation from team
  • Creates accountability and responsibility in the individual to outcomes
  • A positive learning culture
  • Promotes open communication
  • Supports truly effective Performance management and appraisals
  • Skills to define clear goals and action plans with the individual
  • Increasing self-awareness of the individual
  • Assists the individual identify development needs and personal/ professional hurdles themselves
  • Improves focus and motivation
  • Creates an inclusive culture
  • Increases bottom line

Programmes can be specifically tailored whether the desired outcome is for the Leaders to understand and be able to communicate like a coach, or to be able to operate as a formal coach within the organisation.

The Coaches/ Leaders develop increasingly strong leadership, relationship and communication skills. These are highly practical skills which can be leveraged by the individual constantly during the myriad of coachable moments that exist in the workplace daily. The underlying core themes of accountability, increased self-awareness and improved communication contribute to the occurrence of positive cultural shifts.

Training to be able to operate as a formal coach effectively creates an internal pool of coaches, who have the capacity to formally coach other members of the organisation to achieve their individual goals. With a number of coaches operating, there is scope for numerous goals to be achieved concurrently, and a culture of individual accountability and success permeates throughout. Adopting this strategy has the potential for enormous impact across the organisation, providing a significant and ongoing return on investment.

Return on investment is extremely strong, and can be measured both qualitatively and quantitatively. Measurement methods will be tailored to each individual organisation.

Programmes are provided on both group in-house formats, and as Personalised programme for individual leaders.

For more information regarding our fully customised in-house Coach Training programmes please contact us.