Coaching Testimonials

“World class. Incredible programme!” (Executive Coach Certification Programme)

Claire DeCarteret
Learning & Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, Gallup

Coaching has GREATLY assisted me to identify and improve my performance, work balance and relationships both in and outside of work.

Lisa helped me set what I saw as an incredibly challenging, almost impossible, monthly performance goal… I achieved that and have continued to achieve that EVERY month!

There has been as incredible positive ripple effect throughout – it’s amazing!

Nicole Cunningham
Senior Account Manager

There has been an enormous impact on our bottom line. The staff are more focused, engaged, working more effectively. They’re thinking more creatively and providing avenues to group contribution not before thought possible.

Malcolm Waldock
National Manager, People and Performance, Ambit Recruitment Group

Coaching has assisted me to improve and become more flexible as a communicator and has significantly improved my ability to delegate. My time is spent more productively focused on the strategy, vision and growth of the company. My stress levels have reduced, and I have experienced a positive shift in work/life balance. The direct result is a significant increase in the turnover and growth of the company. Based on my own very positive experience with Lisa, I chose to implement coaching with my management team.

Darren Roberts
General Manager

I have an increased focus on the real issues and better understand the unique needs of individuals. Coaching has also provided me with a structure that assists with regular planning and continual adjustments as the external environment changes, and greater work/ life balance.

Jeff Knowles
NSW State Manager