Coach Training Testimonials

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Excellent! This programme (Executive Coach Certification Programme) is the best investment I have made to date, and in my opinion essential for anyone who is serious about Leadership, coaching and developing others with lasting change.

Scott Campbell

Excellent! Clear structures, well communicated, great activities. great opprtunities to practice coaching. Thank you – invaluable! 🙂

Jane Ferris
Principal, Pittwater High (ECCP graduate)

Excellent program – an opportunity for leaders and managers to gain new skills to assist them in the development of their people

Jim Dunstan
Chief Operating Officer, Citywide Australia

A wonderful challenging journey of self discovery and learning new ways to communicate effectively..The Coaching Course was very personalised and I felt supported the whole way through. I have the confidence in my ability to offer clients an exciting program and I now have paying clients and an interesting career that I am absolutely passionate about.

Susan M.
Participant 2008.

Lisa’s facilitation style was warm, inclusive and her credibility and passion on the topic of coaching and leadership makes her one of the more authentic consultants in the marketplace. This authenticity ensured a fully engaged and captive audience for the full two days. Highly recommend.

Malcolm W.
National Manager People and Performance.

Excellent programme……I feel confident to start coaching!

Participant 2006

After very long I find a program which truly has an impact…I have benefited both personally and professionally from this program.

Raamann Ahuja
Vice President | Human Resources Business Partner, Deutsche Bank AG, Filiale Mumbai

Our Management team agreed unanimously that Coaching Australia’s “Leader as Coach” modality, would increase morale, more fully leverage the potential of the individual, increase productivity, and positively influence staff retention.

Peter Acheson
CEO Ambit (now PeopleBank)

Excellent. Content was rich, facilitation was well balanced, perfect mix of theory + practical, left me wanting more. I loved it and can’t wait for ECCP2.

Charlotte Greer
L&D Specialist, Catapult Sports

Benefits of coaching within your organisation?
-Improvement of leadership at all levels.
As a leader:
1. Add value to 1 on 1 team
2. Improved communication skills
3. Able to better assist team members’ development.

Matt Heysmand
NSWPF NSW Police Force

Excellent. Provided the information, tools that I was looking for. Within the organisation, I believe from this investment the outcomes will be great.

Leon Liveris
Head of CC Sales, HCF

Excellent. Structure + Facilitation = IA!
Benefits of coaching within organisation?
-Staff management, managing up + across, meaningful conversation initiating change, influence to achieve impact.
Loved it as a personal + professional catalyst of exponential growth!

Carol Jadaque
Melbourne Water

I was not sure if I would be able to apply coaching skills, but participated initially with an interest to learn what a coach is. However, by the time I walked out from the programme I am looking for any coachable moment to apply. It has renewed my spirit.

Elaine Bai
Talent Management Director I IBM (2011)

Nice structure, beautiful delivery, engaged participants!
These learned skills fits perfectly in my organization and will add great value to leadership and organization developments.

Mary Liu
Senior Human Resources Director – Greater China I Microsoft

Well structured and so organized. Very good.

Jack Duan
General Manager China I Hanesbrands

I really appreciate Lisa and Barbara’s professionalism, spirit of giving and their belief in coaching.
Thank you! We’ll join you in changing the world for better through coaching.

Karen Zong
GCR People & Organization Capability Director I Microsoft (2011)

The mix of theory and ‘real life examples’ in the programme were great. Excellent.

Pia Westerlund
Head Human Resources I IKEA

Well done, inspiring and looking for more. Good balance of theory and practical in a strong and safe environment.

Sylvain Friedman
People Director, Far East I Ernst & Young, China

Excellent having different activities everyday, which kept us at a high level of energy.
Coaching is magical!

Joy Zhou
China Human Resources Director I Target

I can’t express how inspired I am from spending 3 great days with both of you. There are so many ‘takeaways’ from the program, and the overall facilitation/interaction during the 3 days. Thank you for showing me ‘my future’.

Steve Bratt
Sales Training & Development Manager I Asia Pacific Region-Henkel (China) Company Ltd.

Excellent. A fantastic, tranformative program that combine theory with lots of practical experience to really home the art of coaching.
Benefits of coaching within the organisation include:
– Being able to introduce structured coaching programs.
– Removing agenda from coaching.
– Improving culture through coachable moments.
Thank you for an incredibly transformative and insightful program. I have emerged from the other side feeling empowered and confident in my coaching and ready to take the next step.

Alyce Katsanos
Enterprise Agility Coach, Transcend Ambition

For the first time, our people gained clarity on our company’s vision of truly powerful leadership. They learnt the skills to lead in a way that is empowering, elicits creativity, builds trust and harmony, motivates, and generates accountability and a sense of value in the individual and team.

We have experienced an immediate uplift shift -the successful utilization of the skills having created a fantastic multiplier effect throughout the workplace.