Wanting to create a successful, sustainable coaching culture? Tip #5 – “Behavioural buy-in” from the top

Continuing with our series of tips from our two decades of experience in building successful, sustainable #coachingcultures.

The most successful coaching cultures we have witnessed and have been fortunate enough to partner in creating, have had strong buy-in from the most senior executives within the organisation.

This is demonstrated, not just through budget sign-off, or being in agreement with creating a coaching culture. It goes beyond being a strong advocate for a coaching culture.

The significant differentiator is when the senior executive walk the talk, and attend coaching capability education programmes themselves. It is when they truly understand what coaching is, and its power. It is when they, themselves, incorporate a coaching approach throughout their day-to-day leadership interactions.

From our experience, this not only inspires commitment from the rest of the organisation to follow suit, but also gives the reports of these senior leaders a direct experience themselves of coaching. Motivated by their own positive experience, this behaviour is more likely to be mimicked and replicated.

Conversely, if your senior executive make little effort to reflect the culture they speak of through their behaviours, it undermines the buy-in of the individuals in the organisation to shift their own behaviours. Why bother – the boss doesn’t seem to value/believe in it!

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#coaching #culturechange #integrity #sustainability #behaviourchange #leadership #leadershipdevelopment #vision #intention #CGCA #coachingculture #leader #culture