The thirst for coaching in China continues to grow!

Very heartening to see our valued relationship with China still going strong into it’s 11th year. The thirst for coaching there, across this period, has grown exponentially.

Wonderful to see another talented group of graduates enthusiastically complete the Mandarin version of   Executive Coach Certification Progamme (ECCP) in Beijing recently. The trend has continued of attracting both leaders keen to add deep coaching capability to their repertoire, as well as those seeking to become external coaches. Both are strong indicators of the increasing value of coaching recognised by organisations in China.

Thanks as always to Gary Wang and the team at #MindspanDevelopment for their incredible partnership. Special appreciation, as well as our passionate and talented coach training team Cathleen Wu吴雁燕, ICF MCC,MBA and @JulieYao for partnering with us to support our purpose – “Contributing to humanity through Coaching”. Always grateful…